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Thread: vodka dosing

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    Re: vodka dosing

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary R View Post
    Your welcome Lairsey

    I have been using vodka in my tank for the last four years, best thing i'v used for Phosphate & Nitrate.....before that it was Red sea Nopox but that was three times the price and not as good.
    yes, Red sea Nopox is not so good but Phosphate & Nitrate are amazing. They are cheap and are good for use. I am also using Phosphate & Nitrate and I have seen a much better result.

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    Re: vodka dosing

    Hi MichaelLeslie and welcome to

    It looks like you have a marine tank with posting in this part of the forum, it would be nice to know a bit more about your tank, like size of your tank what fish and corals you have in there and how long you have been in the hobby

    Once again welcome to fish-keeping


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