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Thread: New Hanna pocket checker Low range nitrate

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    New Hanna pocket checker Low range nitrate

    Looks like Hanna instruments have now come out with a new Nitrate low range checker which is due for sale in the next couple of weeks here in the UK at around 73
    The new H1781 nitrate checker by Hanna instruments is a simple and accurate handheld colorimeter that uses the Beer-Lambert principle to determine nitrate concentration. The HI781`s low range of 0.00 - 5.00 makes it ideal for measuring the low nitrate levels found in saltwater aquariums.


    • Low range is ideal for saltwater aquariums
    • Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits
    • Dedicated to a single parameter
    • Simple one-button operation
    • Digital read out for added convenience
    • Compact size for easy travel and storage

    The Kit contains

    • (1x) HI781 Checker HC
    • (2x) Sample cuvettes with caps
    • (1x) Nitrate Reagent starter set (reagents for 12 tests)
    • (1x) Filter holder
    • (1x) 20 mL syringe
    • (1x) 5 mL syringe with tip
    • (1x) Mixing vial with cap
    • (1x) Instructions and quick start guide

    I will be putting in my order for one of these nitrate checkers to add to the other checkers i already have from Hanna.
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