Got myself a smart power 4 gang outlet with 4 USBs and a surge protector which as Wi-Fi built into it and works with Alexa and Google home assistant.

Been trying this 4 gang outlet out now for a couple of days and I've got to say its actually very good.

First of all you need to download the smart-Life App to your phone which I've already got for the water leak detector i have next to the sump in the bottom of the cabinet, this uses the same App.

After doing that you can then switch any of the 4 sockets on or off at any time or switch the 4 on at once using the phone or once set up voice control. The 4 x USBs all switch on as one and can be switched on with the 4 sockets or on there own.

It as a timer function built into the App so that you can set times of the day and night to have any of the sockets or USBs to come on and off.

You can Name the sockets to what ever you like IE: socket 1 can be called sump light, socket 2 can be called tank fan and so on.

The best thing with this one is if you ever have a power cut it will remember what was on or off before the power cut which did it for me....i have not seen any other WI-Wi 4 way sockets do this up to now and that is what made this for me.

Last thing that you can do with this is see from any were in the world what you have got switch on or off by looking out the App.

Hope this helps anyone out there that is looking to make life a little easier looking after fish

Got this for 25 off Amazon here: