Here's a list of rules for this site.
1. You will need to join first before you can post on this forum plus it's free
2. Don't be rude to others.
3. Don't write posts to individual people--that's what PMs are for.
4. Don't post the same letter in multiple forums.
5. Don't write in all capital letters. It's annoying.
6. If you see an obnoxious or rude post, let Admin know exactly where it is and who wrote it in Bad Topics and Posts.
7. The forum moderators will decide what is an appropriate post for this forum and what is not and will delete or edit posts as necessary
8. So why register?
Once registered you will be able to join in this huge friendly community and be able to get the best from it, learn new tricks, get the gossip, whatever you need from anythink to do with fish ...... Thanks!